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White collar boxing

Are you looking for a new challenge, or to complete a dream of yours????

Our first ever white collar boxing show and training camp was back in 2010 with the legend Steve Collins as our special guest giving the boxers some calming advice on the night. Since then we have promoted some fantastic shows in Southport, Ormskirk, West Lancashire college and Liverpool. We pride ourselves on the standard of our bouts but more importantly the match making and safety of each boxer. We like to put on a professional looking show and training camp, get in amazing shape, lose body fat, build some lean muscle, push your stamina levels through the roof and experience something you'll never forget.

What's Involved?

Firstly we ask for everyone to sign up with the form below filling in all the details, then to realise why they are doing it and that it does require a good bit of dedication to train for a bout on our shows. Anyone can take part from a total novice or to someone who has competed in the past on other shows as we have a number of fighters who have boxed 3 or more times.

We try to encourage most applicants to start training in our classes straight away before we go into our 8 - 10 week training camp, this will consist of 2 - 3 training sessions a week as we like to put on a good professional display and make sure every boxer is well prepared.

Our max age ever to take part on a show was 56 years of age, we have had over 9 competitors over the age of 50 years of age, so don't let your age put you off. All training is done in our facility to help make you feel even more like a professional boxer.


The Fight

Safety is the biggest importance to us when matching everyone up for the show, it is done from watching all the spars and considering each boxers age, weight, experience and most of all ability.

Our weight categories that we stick to are different to the professional game, we work in stones so for example our lightweight bouts are 9 stone - 10 stone. All boxers wear amateur headguards and 16oz gloves as novices, those with experience box in 14oz gloves. All gloves and headguards are provided. We also let each boxer buy their own kits from Geezers Boxing with our discount and which you can get your name, business logo or charity logos printed on to make you feel the part and look the part also to keep as a great memory of your fight.

We always have a fully qualified doctor ringside who sometimes will do a screen medical check on fighters before they are sent to their dressing rooms. All boxers get the chance to walk out to their own tunes blazing from the sound system from our DJ.

Boxers Registration